How Do WIFI Hidden Cameras Work?

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WIFI hidden cameras work by connecting to your home or business WIFI (wireless internet).  The process will vary based on brand and model, but for purposes of this article we will use the WIFI hidden cameras from Advance Security.

Here are the steps

  1. Connect the camera first with a normal network cable hard wired to your router
  2. Use the included CD to search your network and find your camera
  3. Once the software has located the camera on your network, you can click to connect to it
  4. Once connected, you can can for WIFI networks.  You will see your local network name in the list.
  5. Click to connect to that network.  If you network is password protected you will enter your password at this time
  6. Apply the new settings and reboot the camera by cycling the power
  7. When it reboots it will be on your WIFI

Now yon use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to connect to the camera and view the video.